Currently Seeking Independent Captains to Facilitate a Broader Range of Adventures & Training. Incredible incentives for captains to recruit more captains!

Interested in Offering Services as a Captain? Email us today!

The onboarding of a few captains who can provide hands-on training and charters with larger cruisers is pending. Ultimately, you will be able to book intermediate level training and a variety of charters right here on this website!  

Pending for 2021

A few clients have inquired about sailing lessons. We are currently working to on-board two captains who have sailing endorsements on their license. 

Pending for 2021

There has been a lot of interest in fishing charters on the Connecticut River as well as in Long Island Sound. We are currently communicating with a few captains who are wanting to facilitate fishing trips. 

Pending for 2021

Rewards for Referrals

Get Free Boat Rides or Hands-On Boat Training!

A few creative customers have recommended that we have some type of incentive plan or rewards for referrals.


Here is what you can do to earn free boat rides or hands-on training!

1) Share your great experience with friends and family!


2) Encourage and follow-up with friends and family to book a boat ride or receive some boat training with us.


3) Record the full names of your referrals and the date of their charters or training sessions.


4) When ten bookings have been made due to your efforts to refer contact us to verify the details of number three above. We will compare it to our records and proceed with booking your free two-hour charter or training session!


The full name and sailing date of a referral can be used once for the purposes of this rewards / referral program.


Please contact us with any questions that you may have. 

Be Informed of Specials & News!

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